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What is a PoKeys device?

PoKeys device are easy-to-use USB / Ethernet devices that offer a multitude of input and output capabilities, and not require complex programming knowledge to use. Basic Pokeys device provides 55 digital I/O (5V tolerant), 7 analog inputs (12-bit) and 6 PWM outputs. All I/O pins can be controlled by the provided software with intuitive graphical user interface or extensive API can be used from almost any programming language. Configuration can be saved on the device itself, which can then function as a standalone USB keyboard and/or joystick emulator. Using graphical programming environment PoBlocks, programmable logic controller in PoKeys57 series devices can be used to make the PoKeys device function on its own. Extensive support for CNC machines make PoKeys devices an ideal interface to connect CNC machine to the control computer.

What is a PoScope device?

PoScope Mega1+ is lowest power consumption USB oscilloscope, function generator and logic analyzer all-in-one available on the market. It draws only 60mA thus the best choice for measurement environments which demands power autonomy and longevity. It’s especially convenient for outdoor measurements in remote places where power supply is limited and portability is very important. Integrated high quality analog to digital converters are able to sample up to 2,5MS/s and with maximum data resolution of 10mV at +/-20V input range. Function generator is capable of generating different pattern test signals with frequency up to 12,5kHz and maximum amplitude of 1,8V. Logic analyzer captures up to 16 digital inputs and gathers data for further analysis. Included free software PoScope4 extends its usability for many different applications. Mega1 is a really powerful small size device that will save your time, money and make your work with measurements much easier.

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