AdapterPNPN – for PNP and NPN sensors

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Adapter for PNP or NPN sensors – AdapterPNPN

AdapterPNPN is adapter that simplifies the connection of sensors, switches, induction sensors and probe to the PoKeys57CNC controller. The adapter has two connectors that you easily and directly connect to the LCD or ADC connector (you can only connect one of the two) on PoKeys57CNC. Through the chosen connector, you have access to 5 input pins that are native PoKeys pins. That way you have abiliy to connect probe or other more sophisticated devices. The other side of the adapter has screw terminals for connecting sensors. The side with the sensors is galvanicaly separated from PoKeys57CNC so there is additional safety from EMC spikes or other interference.

PNP sensor’s signal wire should be connected to PNP input on screw terminal. It does not matter if sensor wire is NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) contact. The benefit of NC wiring is that the error in circuitry and wiring is detected since the signal is not present. If for instance you cut the sensor cable, the error can be triggered. The jumper has to be set accordingly to the PNP side if using PNP sensor.

In case you use NPN sensor, you should connect sensor wire to the NPN input on the terminal, and set the jumper on the NPN side. NO or NC wiring does not matter here, it is managed in the software settings where you can invert the signal if needed.

In case you are using ordinary switch contacts, you can wire switch between VCC and PNP terminal and set jumper to PNP. Or you can wire the switch between NPN and GND with jumper set to the NPN. You still have to connect power supply in order for the adapter to work even though switches do not need supply in order to function.

Features of AdapterPNPN

  • Professional, precise, robust,
  • resistant for disturbances,
  • adapter suitable to use with probe and NPN or PNP sensor
  • optically isolated
  • includes supply for sensors.

Layout and connection

AdapterPNPN with all the connections marked and pinout shown


Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


Adapter PNPN user manual


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