Product Description

Works with Mach3 and other software on PoKeys or a second parallel port.
Metallic hand wheel with professional look and feel.
Axis selector knob. X, Y, Z, 4.
Jogging resolution or speed selector knob.
E-Stop Button.
Enable push button.
Jog “ON” LED.
Cradle for placing it on the machine.
Quadrature +5VDC A and B output.

Requires +5VDC.
100 Pulses per revolution with detent per pulse.
All TTL +5VDC or +3.3VDC Signals. Interface directly with PoKeys55 or parallel port. 5VDC (TTL) signals are very common among automation devices.
 Simple use with PoKeys 55 and Mach with ready configured plugin for Mach