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Plasma voltage divider & CNC torch height control – PlasmaDiv

Our plasma voltage divider is complete solution for torch height control for CNC plasma cutters. Connect it with our PoKeys57CNC to adjust the height of the plasma torch and get the most precise cuts. PlasmaDiv can be used in place of the PlasmaSensOut or PlasmaSens.

PlasmaDiv is a professional, precise, robust and galvanically isolated voltage divider with 50:1 ratio for CNC plasma cutting.

PlasmaDiv is developed to divide high plasma torch voltage. It is compatible with most CNC controller boards on the market and plasma cutters. It has state of the art filtering with efficient common mode and single ended filters that efectivelly atenuate noise from the arc voltage.  Output of the PlasmaDiv is 0-10 V that any standard electronics such as A/D converters and microprocessors safely accept. The input stage of the PlasmaDiv provides high-frequency filtering. High voltage terminals and divider can witstand input voltages of up to 500 VDC. Additionally, isolated and filtered 10 V input with no attenuation (1:1) is also available for plasma cutters that has internal voltage divider.

PlasmaDiv also incorporates isolated start signal with relay that safely triggers plasma cutter torch.

Features of plasma voltage divider

  • professional, precise, robust,
  • High Voltage: operating range: 0-500 V, 50:1 input divider ratio , filtering cut-off frequency: 1 kHz
  • Low voltage input (10V) divider ratio: 1:1,
  • Isolated  and filtered output voltage: 0-10 V,
  • Isolation voltage (RMS): up to 1200 V,
  • Isolation voltage (transients): up to 6000 V,
  • Power supply voltage: 24 V,
  • Start output relay signal.
  • Plugin support for Mach3 and mach4, it can be operate with any CNC software and hardware without any drivers.
  • PoKeys 57CNC – USB and Ethernet CNC controller or any other motion controller is needed for operation.
  • To connect it to 3,3V input of the PoKeys57CNC or any controller with 3,3 V input use Adapter board 10V-3V3 or made voltage divider.

For more details about the PlasmaDiv, wiring and configuration please download the manual in the Download section.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


PlasmaDiv user manual

PlasmaDiv technical drawing

PlasmaDiv 3d model


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