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Torch height control system PlasmaSensOut is an universal THC for precise plasma cutting.

Thanks to optical fiber connection, PlasmaSensOut and PlasmaSens torch height sensor (including in a package) forms a complete and reliable torch height control system. Thanks to an optical connection it’s fully electrically (galvanic) isolated from high voltage plasma cutter’s equipment and also safe to use. PlasmaSensOut has standard programmable ARC_OK, UP and DOWN signals. Generally it is compatible with most CNC controller boards on the market.

User interface is simple and user friendly. On the left there are 3 LED diodes to signalize state of the outputs. Next on the right side is also LED display. It has great readability also in high luminosity environment. In default state it shows temporally arc voltage. However menus appears on LED display during settings.
Under LED display there are 3 buttons. Hence they allows quick and efficient moving through menu.   User can set the following THC parameters: reference voltage, hysteresis (non-active range around reference height), delay time and anti-dive limit voltage. Moreover all parameters are adjustable during operation.

It doesn’t need any drivers or special software. Even more, it is compatible with most CNC software and hardware which accepts OK, Up and Down signals.


  • Isolated output signals: Arc OK, Up and Down (DC solid state)
  • Programmable reference and hysteresis voltage, delay time and anti-dive limit voltage
  • Current plasma voltage presentation on LED display
  • Arc present, up and down – LED signalization
  • Full optical input isolation; transmitter and receiver connected over an optical cable
  • Test mode operation
  • DC power supply (6- 36 V)
  • Compatible with most CNC controller boards including PoKeys57CNC
  • DIN-rail mountable housing

Package includes:

  • PlasmaSensOut device
  • PlasmaSens sensor device
  • Optical cable (2m and 5m)

Compared to other torch height control solutions, PlasmaSens products are only solution with optical fiber isolation between sensor and controlling electronics. Even more, it is first and only Plasma Sensor with optical fiber isolation.

Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


PlasmaSensOut user manual.pdf

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