Industrial digital input isolator – PoOptoIn

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Industrial grade optical isolator that enables you to isolate up to 16 channels and therefore isolate the EMC and interference problems from your sensitive digital circuitry. It is also intended to be used with PoKeys57CNC for isolating limit switches and ensure reliable operation.

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PoOptoIn is 16-channel industrial digital input isolator. It accepts 5-24V on input connector that is optically isolated from the output IDC connector. All the input channels are isolated from each other.  The outputs are open collector type so pull up resistor is needed to ensure the stable state of the digital pin if the board is used directly with the microcontroller. Power supply for the PoOptoIN is only for signal LED-s that indicate the status of each pin (input). The power supply connection is not mandatory for the operation of the PoOptoIN!

The PNP in NPN sensors can be connected to the PoOptoIN to isolate them from digital circuitry. We also offer smaller digital optical isolator for use with the native PoKeys pins – adapter PNPN. Both optical isolators can also be used with our precision PNP homing sensor or NPN homing sensor.

If it is used with PoKeys57CNC, it can be directly connected to Limit/Home IDC connector. With the PoOptoIN limit – and home switches are optically isolated form the environment and therefore more imune to interefence and EMC problems. It is recommended to use the PoOptoIN with PoKeys57CNC when limit and home switch cables are longer. It is also important to state that the limit and home pins can not be interchanged between axis. Axis 1 can only use dedicated limit+, home and limit- pins for axis 1 and not from any other axis. That said, you can still use any other native PoKeys pin for limit input.

This industrial digital input isolator can also be used with any other PoKeys device such as PoKeys57E, PoKeys57U or any other microcontroller since it effectively isolates up to 16 inputs with LED indication.


1 pc. PoOptoIn
1 pc. Cable for Connection to PoKeys57CNC

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



PoOptoIn user’s manual


PoOptoIn 3D step model

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