PoKeys57CNCpro4x25 Ethernet and USB CNC controller

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PoKeys57CNCpro4x25 is a blend between general purpose PoKeys device and motion controller as well as stepper motor driver. The device is targeted primarily for controlling up to 4 stepper motors in various applications with the addition of powerful PoKeys device features. Device contains dedicated connectors for connections with limit switches, CAN peripheral devices, spindle and VFD signals, plasma connection etc. In addition, 10 V analog inputs with 12-bit resolution are available.

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PoKeys57CNCpro4x25 is a USB cnc controller dedicated for stepper motor controller operation. The device has four built-in 2.5 A stepper motor drivers, allowing the stepper motors to be directly connected and used in various applications with the addition of powerful PoKeys device features. The device also features four galvanically-isolated open-collector outputs and 0 to 10 V analog output. Additional peripherals devices can be connected by the means of the CAN bus interface.

PoKeys57CNCpro4x25 features both USB and Ethernet connectivity, giving user an option to select the preferred connection for the application. The device is highly adjustable and as such requires no complex knowledge on device programming.

The device runs the PoIL core and is compatible with PoBlocks graphical programming software, bringing Programmable Logic Controller to a motor controller board. PoBlocks can be used to simply automate different peripherals and interchange data with other software applications that are using PoKeys57CNCpro4x25 device.


  • 4 dedicated connectors directly for stepper motors with high performance 4-axis 125 kHz pulse engine
  • 4 dedicated digital inputs (24 V compatible) for connecting home/limit switches
  • 1 dedicated digital input (24 V compatible) for probe input
  • 1 dedicated digital input for e-stop switch
  • 1 analog input (12-bit, 0-10 V range) with analog low-pass filter with 1.9 kHz cut-off frequency
  • 2 relay outputs for high power load switching
  • 4 OC (open collector) digital outputs with galvanic isolation
  • Dedicated encoder input for the spindle encoder
  • Dedicated 5 V PWM output
  • 0 – 10 V industry standard analog input
  • Dedicated spindle control connector
  • CAN bus interface (for kbd48CNC keyboard and other peripheral devices)
  • Plasma interface connector for PlasmaDiv
  • Fail-safe support in case of communication interruption
  • Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 HID standard
  • Ethernet 10/100 with DHCP client or fixed IP support
  • TCP or UDP connection with the device
  • Modbus TCP support (access to digital IO, analog inputs, encoder values, digital counters values, PWM outputs, LCD display, PoExtBus devices, matrix keyboard status)
  • Web interface with dashboard and I/O status display with multiple user accounts
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Third-party support via communication DLL library and extensive protocol specification document that allows porting to other systems
  • Supported by Mach4 CNC control software


  • Ethernet or USB connection between host computer and PoKeys57CNC
  • 6-26 V DC power supply with 100 W or more. More power is required if aditional peripherals are connected to PoKeys57CNC device.
  • Windows 7/8/10/11 with .NET framework 3.5 or newer installed
  • Newest version of PoKeys firmware and mach4 plugin, found here

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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