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DIN rail adapter makes mounting PCBs and housings simple and fast

A standard DIN rail mount adapter made from durable and strong polyamide. It enables simple and fast mounting of various products to a standard DIN rail. Reduce the mounting complexity by inserting only two screws into 3 mm holes 25 mm apart on each side.

Adapter is compatible with wide range of  PoLabs products. Besides PoRelay8, PoKeys57E and PoKeys57U, it is also compatible with most adapter boards such as Adapter Board 10-5, Adapter Board 10-10, Adapter Board 20-20. However, with DIN rail adapter you can also mount any other PCB or box to the DIN rail. As noted,  usage is easy and simple. Generally you only need two 3 mm holes 25 mm apart on the product. Screws are included.

The advantage of din rail is the easy installation of modules on the metal rail in the cabinet. The modules can be quickly and easily attached or removed from the cabinet. Standard rails allow any installation of modules. The adapter is suitable for PCB boards and housings of electronic devices such as smaller switching power supplies, LCD displays and so on.

Material: PA
Color: gray
Package: contains 2 DIN rail mount adapters and 4 screws


Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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