5A RMS oscilloscope AC & DC current probe

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CurrentSens5 is 5 A range oscilloscope current probe with great bandwidth of 200kHz and AC and DC precise current measuring capability.  It is battery powered and fit smoothly on your electronics lab desk.

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CurrentSens5 is high precision 5A RMS oscilloscope AC & DC current probe for precise measurements in electronics lab

CurrentSens is the 5A oscilloscope AC & DC current probe that is able to measure AC and DC currents up to 200kHz. The goal was to make affordable yet highest quality instrument that would allow users to have the capability of measuring time varying currents. The oscilloscope AC & DC current probe design is simple and intuitive. On one side there is two pole connector that you wire your measured current through.  On the other side, we have a BNC connector that you directly connect to the oscilloscope for displaying the waveform of the current.

The connector for current is galvanically isolated from the measuring side, so it is safe to measure on voltages up to 450 V RMS. Please practice safety precautions when measuring and dealing with high voltages.

We offer multiple oscilloscope current probes by their current rating and therefore sensitivity. The higher current range is traded for sensitivity since output signal is limited to 5V, entire current range has to be represented with that voltage.

Table of current range vs. sensitivity for oscilloscope current probe

CurrentSens specification:

  • 5 A max RMS current
  • 17 A max peak current
  • Bandwidth of 200kHz
  • AC and DC current probe measurements
  • Linearity of 0.1%
  • Accuracy of 0.7%
  • Measure on voltages up to 450 V RMS
  • Powered by two cell AA or NiMh batteries
  • Selectable reference voltage

Beside the on/off switch there is also the reference select switch. CurrentSens 5A oscilloscope current probe can measure currents in both directions. One way to display that current then is to reference the zero current from 0 V output voltage so the current flowing in negative direction is displayed as negative voltage. But if you want to measure currents with instruments that do not accept negative voltages or ADC-s you want to have zero current in the middle of the output voltage range so you can measure in both directions with positive voltages. With the reference switch you change the zero ampere output voltage.

Oscilloscope current probe different referece voltage for zero ampere Batteries and cables are not included.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


CurrentSens manual V1.0


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