1:100 Oscilloscope Probe – PoProbe60-100

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Oscilloscope probe 60MHz 1:100

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PoProbe60-100 is 60MHz 1:100 oscilloscope probe

When you need to observe high voltage signals with up to 2000V on oscilloscope, 1:100 oscilloscope probe is the right one. Integrated 1:100 divider lower the input voltage to safe level. Because of high input impendance, it has a minimum influence to input signal.


  • 60 MHz Oscilloscope probe
  • Bandwidth DC~40MHz( +/- 1dB)
  • DC~60MHz(+/-3dB)
  • Input Impendance 100M Ohm
  • Input capacitance at Oscilloscope Input 20pF
  • Compensation range: 15pF-50pF
  • Maximum Input Voltage DC 2000V

For measurement lower voltages, please check PoProbe60 which is 1:1 and 1:10 oscillosocpe probe with switch.

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