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I2C extender PoNetI2Cextender is a I2C line buffer and signal conditioner.

I2C extender provides 10 times higher line drive as standard I2C thus improving data integrity. Up to 25m – 50m long I2C line with CAT3 or better twisted pair cable is possible, compared to few tenths of a m without I2C extender. Besides 10 times higher line drive, it can also improve signal integrity in noisy ennvironment.

PoNetI2Cextender can transfer I2C data over longer lines for almost every I2C device

PoNetI2Cextender can guarantee reliable operation on longer I2C lines between any I2C devices including PoKeys57U, PoSensors2, PoNETkbd48 CNC keyboard and others. Signal tests with more than 100 different I2C ICs guarantee reliability.

There are 330 ohm pull up resistors installed on the PCB what is usualy enough for reliable operation. However for operation in longest lines and/or noise environment, aditional 470 ohm pull ups can be mounted externally.

To extend the I2C connection, two I2C extenders must be used with one on each side of the extension cable.


  • up to 50m I2C line when using CAT3 or better twisted pair cable
  • compatible with 100 kHz and 400 kHz I2C
  • simple 4 pin flat cable connection between extenders
  • 5 pin PoNET or 10 pin PoExtension connector for connection to PoKeys, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other device
  • 4,5V – 12V power supply only
  • 3V operation possible with reduced performace
  • less than 25 mA supply curent

In the package:

  • fully tested I2C extender module (single device in the package for a single I2C device, you need minimum 2 of them)
  • 5 pin PoNET cable with connectors on both sides
  • 6 pin MicroMaTch connector for flat cable for I2C line extension

Units must be ordered in pairs. One for each side of the long I2C cable.




Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



PoNET_I2CExtender user’s manual


PoNET_I2CExtender 3D step model

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