Capacitive encoder – PoEnc102-v-2515

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Check the PoEnc102-v-2515. You can find a manual with more technical specifications and how to use and assemble it.  The PoEnc102-v-2515 is a high-performance rotary encoder that can be used in many applications and implementations on projects, machines, robots, and automation with the powerful Pokeys device features.


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PoEnc102-V-2515 – radial capacitive encoder

PoEnc102-v-2515 – is a high-performance, most used rotary encoder with many advantages. For layout and other technical specifications, setup and assembly please check under downloads – user manual. The radial capacitive encoder can be used on many applications with NEMA17 and NEMA23 stepper motors and is compatible with PoKeys57 controllers ( PoKeys57CNC, PoKeys57U, and PoKeys57E).


  • Low power consumption,
  • 16 DIP switch selectable resolutions,
  • CMOS outputs,
  • index pulse,
  • modular package design,
  • 9 mounting hole options,
  • -40~100°C operating temperature.


  • Machine building,
  • position control,
  • automation, robotics.

Package includes:

  • encoder – PoEnc102-V-2515
  • 30 cm cable with connector.


The wiring is just to illustrate a sample product application.

Poenc1 capacitive encoder

Additional information

Weight 39 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


Poenc102-v-2515user manual


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