USB isolator PoUSBiso. Isolating your USB problems

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Almost every USB full speed (12MHz) device can be isolated from computer with PoUSBiso. Tested with all PoLabs products, motion devices for CNC, many microcontroller programers/debugers for ARM, Atmel, PIC, Silabs and other, many PC USB devices.

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USB isolator is the answer when you are regularly experiencing ground loop problems or you are debugging mains connected circuit.

New, cheaper alternative avaiable: PoUSBisoN.

PoUSBiso is a compact and reliable USB isolator. Although, we nowadays take USB communication for granted, users can be experiencing problems in noisy environments or using devices with their own mains power supply. Ground loops are probably the most frequent cause of problems with USB communication reliability.

Such situations can result in nightmares for the developers, since random errors and/or disturbed USB data flow can occur at any time. Not only that diagnosing such problems is hard and troublesome, it seldom results in reliable solution. Even experienced developers can encounter problems when working on devices connected to the mains power supply (e.g. power converters and power supplies, control equipment etc.). In such cases, developers must connect the programmer or debugger directly to the target system microcontroller. Errors in these environments are unforigiving and equipment can easily go up in smoke and flames.

We have noticed a lot of reports of destroyed USB ports on laptops and also destroyed debuggers, oscilloscope inputs etc. that resulted from ground loop problems with non-insulated mains power supplies. Do you want to easily solve such issues? Do you need to isolate your control, measurement or programming device from your PC with a universal solution?

PoUSBiso USB isolator makes most of the described problems dissapear in an affordable way. Furthermore, it protects valuable development PCs, improves productivity and lowers equipment expenses.

PoUSBiso can isolate almost every USB full speed (12 MHz) device from the host.

Most PoLabs products e.g. PoKeys57U, PoKeys57CNC and PoScopeMega1 USB oscilloscope are fluently working. It was also tested isolating many USB-based motion control devices for CNC, most USB full-speed microcontroller programers/debugers for ARM, Atmel, PIC, SiLabs etc. and many other PC USB devices like Arduino, etc.

PoUSBiso operates fully transparently and doesn’t require any drivers. The installation is simple – just insert it between the PC and your Plug&Play USB device. PoUSBiso USB isolator is compatible with all existing operating systems. PoLabs conducted tests with Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and it should work with others also.


– 1000 V isolation between host and device
– Maximum 400 mA isolated internal power
– Power supply from the host
– For I>400 mA external (isolated) power supply can be used
– True hardware solution without any drivers
– Compact size: 78mm x 40mm x 20mm

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


PoUSBiso user’s manual.pdf