PoBlocks beta is a beta version of a free graphical programming tool for PoKeys devices. It features an intuitive and clean interface and enables the user to quickly and easily design, deploy and debug a program that gets transferred and executed by the PoKeys device itself.

PoBlocks free tool -PoKeys

PoBlocks was developed with ease of use in mind, which means that it does not require long manuals, extended tutorials or deep knowledge to use. Although PoBlocks is simple to use, it also boasts a rich set of features – support for PoKeys basic and extended I/O interfaces support, timers, counters, configurable clock sources, algebra, memory, logic and non-linear operations, time schedule, event drums, even PID and on/off controllers, etc.
PoBlocks also features a simple to use monitor mode for debugging that gives user a good insight in how the program executes in real-time.


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

PoKeys56 or newer device

PoBlocks features

Simple and intuitive graphical user interface with integrated support: just open the application and start designing your diagram. Drag the function blocks from the graphical toolbar with mouse and connect them by clicking on the input/output ports. When in doubt, hover over the block to access the integrated help.

PoBlocks graphical programming

Support for wide array of PoKeys peripherals: PoBlocks gives you the access to digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, PWM outputs, encoder inputs, digital counters, PoExtBus outputs and more just by dragging a block and selecting the pins in the property panel on the right.

Algebra, logic blocks: Choose from basic algebra functions and logic functions to create simple conditional logics.

Memory blocks: use JK, D, T or data latches, minimum/maximum value memories, simple RAM blocks

Trigger and timing functions: Count, trigger, delay… Anything you need.

Extended blocks: for scheduling, LCD interface, drum-style programming, process control etc.

Extended blocks enable you to quickly start controlling your process as you want it. The following diagram does a cutting machine logic including Pulse Engine, PWM, LCD, encoder and some IOs. Schedules are quickly setup using intuitive graphical user interface.

Let’s add some variable readout and write counter value on the LCD display – just add the LCD UI block and configure it graphically:

If you miss a function block for your purpose, create your own using Custom PoIL block – enter your PoIL code and let it execute in the PoKeys device.

Exchange the data using Shared data slots – display the values online

Real-time debugging/monitoring: with PoBlocks, your diagrams are simply created, then compiled and downloaded to the device with one click. When it comes to debugging or monitoring the process, simply activate the monitor mode and all outputs and connections will be populated with current values.